ColdFire kit integrates GCC compiler

The P&E DEV5213CF development board is an evaluation kit for those involved in projects using the ColdFire MCF5213 processor. The board, developed by Computer Solutions, comes complete with a development package—including a GCC compiler—making it equally useful as a development platform, or as an introduction to any ColdFire processor or to the GCC compiler. It offers an embedded USB-to-BDM interface that simplifies debugging and flash programming of the resident ColdFire MCF5213 processor.

The 32bit processor incorporates 256kbytes of flash memory and 32kbytes of RAM, plus a range of interfaces, timers, and other peripherals. The processor runs at a system clock speed of up to 80MHz, generating 76MIPS of performance.

Other features of the DEV5213CF development board include RS-232 transceivers for the processor's on-chip serial ports, plus built-in circuitry that allows users to provide a clock to the target from an 8MHz crystal or an external oscillator.

The board may be powered from the USB interface or from a separate power supply. Headers containing all of the processor's pins are individually labelled for easy access, and a through-hole development area is provided for SOIC and TSSOP packages.

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