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Communication Boards Operate At High Speeds

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Available in both a four-port and eight-port model, the Digi-Port Series of serial communication boards are for use with ISA-bus equipped PCs and are said to provide asynchronous, intelligent, high-speed multi-channel serial communication. They also contain a microprocessor for on-board serial I/O processing. The Digi-4Port, a four-port model, and the Digi-8Port, an eight-port model, offer an easy to connect multiple peripheral devices to a PC via the serial bus. The boards can be used to interface to high-speed modems, printers, networks, or other peripherals over a serial port. They are well-suited for high-speed remote LAN access and high-speed Windows multi-user communications. Each of the boards features a 16-bit, Intel 12.5-MHz 80186 on-board microprocessor that relieves the host PC's CPU of serial I/O processing tasks. They also have four 8-bit registers to facilitate communications with the on-board microprocessor.

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