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Component Specifier: Cooling Devices

TYPE/Model Features P&A Source
Tiger CPU Coolers
Consist of extruded aluminum fins that expose a large surface area to incoming airflows; employ a high-powered fan mounted to the top of the heatsink; heatsinks measure 92 by 69 by 45 mm and weigh 357 g with the 70- by 15-mm fan mounted on top; 0.41°C/W thermal resistance with thermal interface material applied; fans are available with a sleeve, sleeve/ball, or dual ball bearing From below $4 to $7.50 each; contact the company for availability JMC Products
(800) 580-6688
N series
2.4-mm thick hexagonal fin; 6.43- to 7.0-mm fin gap; designed for applications with little or no airflow; the hexagonal fin is less directional, so it can be used in areas subject to omnidirectional airflow; base ranges from 60 mm2 to 100 mm2; height ranges from 20 to 40 mm; base thickness ranges from 4.0 to 6.0 mm $6.10 to $17.30; available now Alpha Novatech Inc.
(408) 567-8082
Target 1U power supplies and servers; measure 120 by 32 mm; feature double-sided pc boards with 100% surface-mount components and auto-restart; provide up to 130-cfm airflow; 1800- to 3550-rpm speeds; noise characteristics as low as 25 dB; operating voltages include 12, 24, and 48 V dc with voltage ranges of 8 to 17 V, 10 to 29 V, and 18 to 56 V, respectively; 0.07- to 0.80-A currents $15 for the 12- and 24-V versions and $20 for the 48-V version in 1- to 99-unit lots; available now Orion Fans
(800) 323-2439
Turbo Helix and Crown Helix
Both support Intel processor speeds up to 3.6 GHz; provided ready for installation with a fan, mechanism, and copper-embedded aluminum heatsink; Crown has a 0.36°C/W thermal resistance, Turbo has a 0.21°C/W thermal resistance; Turbo measures 85 by 75 mm and weighs 490 g; Crown has 102-mm diameter and 63-mm height and weighs 606 g; both suit 2U server environments Turbo costs $28; Crown costs $35; both available now Radian Heatsinks
(800) 689-2802
Built with the company's Press-Lock technique, which mechanically locks the tube into the cold plate without epoxy or glue for efficient heat transfer and performance; this aluminum cold plate has a copper fluid path; it's 5 in. wide with 6- and 12-in. lengths and straight or beaded fittings; cooling circuit is a four-pass single copper tube; tubing has 0.375-in. diameter for minimal pressure drop Single-unit pricing from $71; volume discounts; available now Lytron Inc.
(781) 933-7300
Pagoda series
Can be mounted on the top, side, or bottom of a cabinet; uses backward curved impeller blowers; 180- to 1295-cfm capacity; available in 115- and 230-V and 50 or 60 Hz; come with two- or four-pole ac motors; all components are UL/CSA recognized; motorized wheels carry a CE mark; made of heavy-gauge steel housing with baked powder finish Contact the company for pricing and availability Kooltronic Inc.
(609) 466-3400
ThermoCool PC/104
Environmental Fan Card II
Provides temperature-controlled, forced-air cooling; on-board humidity and pressure sensors perform environmental monitoring; two brushless fans drive air in a push-pull circular pattern around the fan module and adjacent cards; humidity sensor measures relative humidity from 1% to 99%; pressure sensor delivers a linear voltage output directly proportional to applied pressure from 0 to 29 psi $187 to $224 each in lots of 100; contact the company for availability Parvus Corp.
(801) 483-1533
Stainless steel coolers protect components from corrosion and oxidation; components mount to a NEMA 4X enclosure through a standard electrical knockout; an automatic drain filter separator ensures no moisture passes into the enclosure; cooling capacities up to 2800 Btu/hr; no moving parts Start at $975 each; from stock Exair Corp.
(800) 903-9247
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