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Electronic Design

Component Specifier: Filters/Oscillators

TYPE/Model Features P & A Source
NFA21SL series
Designed for use in high-frequency, high-speed applications like cell phones and digital TVs; combines four circuits in small 0805 package for less consumption of board space and more compact end products; provides steep insertion-loss characteristics that allow for noise suppression in the 800-MHz and higher ranges $0.34 per unit; eight to 10 weeks Murata Electronics North America
(770) 436-1300
Suitable in wireless infrastructure designs; has 50-(omega) broadband inputs for the RF and LO ports; input linearity of +24-dBm third-order input intercept (IIP3) with +3-dB conversion gain and an 11.5-dB noise figure at 900 MHz; packaged in a 3- by 3-mm leadframe chip-scale package (LFCSP) $3.50 each in 1000-piece quantities; samples available now Analog Devices
(800) 262-5643
TYPE/Model Features P & A Source
LOW-FREQUENCY, SPREAD-SPECTRUM DS1090 EconOscillator Ideal as an external clock for switched-mode power supplies; offers output frequencies between 125 kHz and 8 MHz with 3- to 5.5-V single-supply operation; users can choose from dither percentages of 0%, 2%, 4%, and 8% and dither rates of fMOSC/512, 1024, 2048, and 4096; operates from -40°C to 85°C; housed in eight-pin microSOP (small-outline package) Starts at $0.68 each in 1000-unit quantities; 16 weeks Dallas Semiconductor
(800) 998-8800

NZ2520 series
Meant for portable devices; measures 2.5 by 2.0 by 0.9 mm and weighs 0.02 g; available in a frequency range of 1.5 to 67.5 MHz; operates from 2.5 or 3.0 V dc while consuming 3.5 mA; can fan out up to 15 IC gates; operating temperature ranges from -20°C to 70°C with frequency stability of ±30 ppm from -10°C to 60°C About $1.40 each in 10,000-piece lots; engineering samples are available NDK
(800) NDK-XTAL
Intended for the microwave radio market; delivers 3930 to 4200 MHz within 1.5 to 11 V dc of control voltage; covers the 270-MHz bandwidth with an average tuning sensitivity of 45 MHz/V; realizes spectral purity of -111 dBc/Hz, typically, at 100 kHz from the carrier; measures 0.5 by 0.5 by 0.13 in. Starts at $11.95; stock Z-Communications
(858) 621-2700
Aimed at digital radio equipment, fixed wireless access, satellite comunications systems, and basestations; frequency range of 5256 to 5356 MHz with a tuning voltage range of 1 to 4 V dc; typical phase noise of -86 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz; output power of 0 ±2.0 dBm into a 50-(omega) load; 5-V dc supply; typical 25-mA current consumption; housed in a 0.5- by 0.5-in. square surface-mount package Starts at $14.80 in volume; four weeks Crystek Crystals Corp.
(800) 237-3061

CFPT-125 series
Designed to withstand a peak reflow soldering temperature of 260°C for 10 seconds, suiting it for lead-free soldering processes; has a standard frequency stability of ±0.9 ppm from -20°C to 70°C; provides HCMOS output; operates from 3.3-V supply and typically draws 3 mA; surface-mount package measures 7 by 5 by 2 mm Ranges from $4 to $8 depending on quantity; eight to 10 weeks C-MAC Micro Technology
(919) 941-9333

Made for telecom, basestation, avionics, satellite, military, test equipment, and other high-frequency applications; suits use with 1.5- to 312.0-MHz frequencies; standard frequency stability over operating-temperature range of -40°C to 85°C; frequency tolerance of ±5.0 ppm; tighter tolerances to ±1.0 available Begins at $68 each in 1000-unit quantities; delivery is eight weeks ARO Fox Electronics
(888) GET-2-FOX

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