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Electronic Design

Component Specifier: Sensors/Transducers

TYPE/Model Features P & A Source
OPB608 series
Choice of infrared LED, verical-cavity surface-emitting laser, or visible red emitting devices; detect reflective objects up to 2 in. away, depending on the model; 0.245 by 0.178 in. with a board-mounted profile of 0.185 in.; through-hole and surface-mount versions are available; operating temperature ranges from ­40°C to 85°C $0.88 (A/B/C models), $8.34 (V), $1.36 (R) in 1000-unit lots; stock to six weeks Optek Technology
(972) 323-2200
TL series
Available in three models; operating temperature ranges from room temperature to 518°F; bi-metal construction; rated at 100,000 cycles; input voltage is 150 V ac, 10 A resistive; dielectic strength of 1500 V ac/1 minute; nickel-plated steel terminal options of 0.25-in. screw or solder terminals From $1.50 to $7.00 in production quantities; available immediately Selco Products Company
(800) 229-2332
MMA62xxQ family
Low-gravity sensors measure 1.5- to 10-g forces resulting from tilt, motion, positioning, shock, or vibration; detect movement in two directions (X and Y axes), reducing component count; range from 50 to 900 Hz; self-test for functional verification; housed in 6- by 6- by 1.98-mm quad flat no-lead package $3.60 in 1000-unit lots; available now Freescale Semiconductor semiconductor (480) 413-8819
Industrial Tactile Sensor
User-configurable sensor; quantifies high-pressure measurements in industrial and elevated temperature environments; scalable technology lets users configure mats up to 24 by 100 in. with 1 to 16,000 0.08-in. elements on as little as 0.3-in. centers; can measure up to 500 psi; temperature ranges from ­40°C to 200°C; data sampling with data-acquisition speeds to 200 kHz Start at $1500 for a single sensor or $15,000 for a sensor array; six to eight weeks Pressure Profile Systems Inc.
(310) 641-8100
929 series
Bi-directional current transducers; consume 80 to 270 mW during operation; respond to complex current waveforms from dc to 350 kHz; accuracy of ±1.0% full scale (FS) from ­40°C to 85°C; flame-retardant package measures 1.9 by 3.3 by 1.9 in. and weighs 6 oz; powered by any dc voltage from 10 V dc to 34 V dc; input current ranges from 0 A dc to ±50 A dc through 0 A dc to ±400 A dc $200 in small quantities; four weeks American Aerospace Controls
(888) 873-8579
LWG series
Include standard M 12 connector; linearity to 0.05%; resolution better than 0.01 mm; backlash-free pivot provides free movement required by mechanical, automotive, and robotic applications; heavy anodized aluminum housing; stainless-steel rotatable actuator; standard lengths to 750 mm; operating life to 50 million movements; meet protection class IP65 $261 to $481 based on length; stock Novotechnik U.S. Inc.
(508) 485-2244
Series 950
Self-contained system; read and record pressure surges or blasts without additional signal conditioning equipment; sense pressure changes from 5 to 18 kHz while withstanding high static pressure; rugged stainless-steel case; mount via a 0.5-in. male pipe thread; six-pin connector $695; four to six weeks Columbia Research
Laboratories Inc.
(800) 813-8471
Series 550
Hydrostatic level transducer; stores 600,000 level, temperature, and time-stamp measurements; ±0.05% FS total error-band accuracy; linear, linear averaging, event, and logarithmic sampling modes; sampling rates up to 15 readings/s; level ranges from 0 to 10 ft to 0 to 692 ft of water; operates from ­20°C to 50°C $1095; 10 working days Pressure Systems Inc.
(800) 678-7226
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