Concurrent Unveils Intel Core i7 Boards

Colchester, England: Concurrent Technologies has released the PP 712/08x family of 6U CompactPCI boards, one of the first embedded product ranges to feature the Intel Core i7 processor family. Depending on the application requirements, the boards support a choice of processors: the 2.53-GHz Intel Core i7-610E, the 2.0-GHz Intel Core i7-620LE, and the 1.06-GHz Intel Core i7-620UE.

Based on 32-nm process technology and the new Intel integrated memory/graphics controller architecture, these processors hail from the Intel embedded roadmap, which offers at least seven-year availability.

With up to 8 Gbytes of DDR3-1066 error correction code (ECC) SDRAM, dual PMC/XMC sites, three Gigabit Ethernet ports, four SATA300 disk interfaces, and dual-head graphics, the PP 712/08x also offers rear I/O interfaces that are compatible with the PP 512/06x family, providing a continuing upgrade path.

In addition, the PP 712/08x can optionally support extended temperatures ranging from –40°C to 85°C. The boards suit CPU-intensive processing applications within the telecommunications, defence, and homeland security market sectors.

The PP 712/08x family is based on the combination of the Intel Core i7 processor and an Intel Platform Controller Hub (PCH), the Mobile Intel QM57 Express chipset. This combination benefits from the integration of the graphics controller and the memory controller into the processor, resulting in reduced memory latency and improved performance per watt. The Intel Core i7 processors feature Intel Direct Media Interface Technology and Intel Flexible Display Interfaces to the PCH to provide simultaneous high-speed non-graphic traffic and video/graphic traffic.

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