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Control Potentiometer/Position Sensor Can Be Customized Inexpensively

Produced on an FC4 pc-board substrate, the N-15 control potentiometer/position sensor can be customized without incurring a significant tooling charge. For example, it can be customized to replace an expensive multiposition switch. The N-15's wiper and wiper holder come in a completely contained component instead of a separate assembly as well.

The device has a 4.4-mm profile, endless 360° rotation, a 340°±10° electrical angle, and a -40°C to 120°C operating temperature range. Available in SMD or through-hole mounting, its standard polarized T rotor lets designers insert shafts from either side of the product. The N-15 also boasts reflow and wave soldering ability as well as a catalog-specified 100,000-cycle mechanical life. Custom applications have been certified up to 500,000 cycles and 3 million dithers.

Engineering samples are available from stock for immediate delivery. Production lead time is six to eight weeks. Pricing in quantity is $0.68 each. Leaded parts are bulk packaged, and SMD parts are supplied on embossed tape at 500 units per reel. Optional shafts are sold separately.

Piher International
www.piher-nacesa.com.com; (888) 701-5494

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