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cPCI System Controller Runs At Speedy, 700-MHz Pace

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Targeting the 3U CompactPCI Mobile Pentium III market, the CP302 system controller board operates at up to 700 MHz and comes with an 256-KB L2 cache that uses Advanced Transfer cache technology-the technology is said to provide a 25% performance gain over comparably-clocked, previous-generation Pentium III processors. The CP302 controller card features a 64-bit PCI bus, fast Ethernet and standard PC interfaces, including support for up to 96 MB of disk-on-chip memory, PMC expansion, and peripheral master for multi-processing applications. Operation is over a temperature range of 0°C to 60°C, with an extended range to 75°C. Operating support includes Windows NT/Embedded, VxWorks, QNX and Linux. Pricing for a 4HP, 700-MHz board with 128 MB of SDRAM is $3,695.

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