Cu-on-Si passive process delivers high Q

Count HighQ copper (Cu) on silicon (Si) integrated passivedevice (IPD) manufacturing services as part of ON Semiconductor’s process technology offerings. The HighQ IPD process technology is suitable for the production of passive devices (e.g., baluns, couplers, and filters) used in portable and wireless applications, where higher performance equates to longer battery life.

“Until now, designers have had to sacrifice performance when choosing passive devices for their board designs in order to deliver cost competitive, consumer products,” says Rich Carruth, general manager of manufacturing services for ON Semiconductor. “Gold-on-GaAs passives deliver the preferred performance, but are often entirely too cost prohibitive for use in high volume consumer products like cell phones and other wireless devices. Typical Cu-on-Si passives offer a better cost than GaAs, but performance has lagged. Passive devices based on ON Semiconductor’s HighQ process provide designers a valuable third option—higher Q than typical Cu-on-Si at a much more competitive price than GaAs.”

The IPD process is run in ON Semiconductor’s U.S.-based 200mm manufacturing facility. The facility features best-in-class prototype and production cycle times, and features high-tech yield and failure analysis equipment and systems.

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