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A Day In The Life

Finally, we come to the daily grind. Many of you entered our "A Day in the Life of an Electronic Engineer" photo contest, provoking many reactions—awe, envy, sympathy, and even laughter. We also marvelled at the variety of work you're tackling out in the field. Thanks for participating! Unfortunately, we could only choose two winners.

Jeff Lehto is a lead design engineer with Intersil's office in Milpitas, Calif. He sent in a number of photos, illustrating everything from his morning cup of joe to meetings with the team. But this winning shot truly captures a key moment in his day—reviewing the schematics of his project and looking for ways to improve the design.

Here, we offer the winning series. George Forester, CEO and founder of EkaTetra, shared a day at his company. Currently, EkaTetra is hard at work developing a single-handed keyboard that's the size of business card and just 0.25 in. thick. The company plans to introduce the product this fall.

On the left, George arrives at work. Next, the team (Wayne Embree, Richard Rosen, Rosemary Forester, Jerry Wilski, and Clayton Greer) meets to discuss strategy. Hardware and electronics designer Terry Lang and software/hardware engineer Loren Lang tackle the day at their respective desks. And, George provided pics of the device's prototype setup and its learning materials, marking the completion of a good day's work.

Here's to the successful completion of your day's work too!

The winning shot
The winning series

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