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Dedicating single output supplies to medical applications

The GSM11 series of single output power supplies from Condor are for medical applications such small single board computers (SBCs), battery charging and powering small motors, pumps and solenoids.

The units are housed in an industry standard 2.28in x 2.0in x 0.7in package and, at 11W, the company claims they offer 57% more power than other models of the same size and will also deliver 15W (114% more) for one minute. Condor reckons that this increase in power brings a 25% reduction in cost when compared with existing 7W models.

The GSM11 can comply with RoHS Directive, if required, and is available with Class II inputs if the application demands it. Models can operate across an input range from 85 to 264VAC producing 11W at 0°C to 50°C with convection cooling. Operating temperatures up to 70°C are possible if normal derating rules are applied.

Available outputs are 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V and 24V as standard, but Condor can supply any voltage between 5V and 24V. The power supplies are available with two styles of round or square pin connectors or screw terminal block connection allowing nine possible input/output combinations. All models feature over-voltage and short circuit protection as standard.

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