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Diode Family Offers Lower Clamping Voltages Than MLVs

Members of the new SDxx single-line TVS diode family are designed to protect single-data, I/O, or power-supply lines in extremely space-hungry applications. The 5-V SD05 and the 12-V SD12 offer clamping voltages up to 300% lower than other current non-TVS solutions. The SD05 has a working voltage of 5 V and clamps at 9.8 V for 5-A pulses at 20-µs durations. The SD05 also can sustain electrostatic discharges (ESDs) greater than 15 kV. The SD12 handles ESDs in 12-V systems and clamps at 9 V for 5-A pulses at 8/20 µs. Both devices protect sensitive CMOS circuits from ESDs that have a peak pulse power of as high as 350 W to meet IEC 1000-4-2 requirements and up to 24-A peak pulse current to meet 1000-4-5 lightning specifications. The SOD-323 package measures only 1.5 by 1.2 mm, easing the replacement of either the SD05 or SD12 on the same pc-board solder pad used for 0805 MLV devices. The SD05 and SD12 are available now, priced at $0.26 each in 1000-unit quantities.

Semtech Corp., 652 Mitchell Rd., Newbury park, CA 91320-2289; (805) 498-2111; fax (805) 498-3804; www.semtech.com.

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