Distributed Power, POLs Eye RoHS-Compliant Power Supplies

Front-end conversion solutions for systems with distributed power and point-of-load architectures have a new potential weapon for their arsenals—a series of compact, 150W, ac-dc power supplies developed by Artesyn Technologies. The TLP150 series power supplies provide a choice of 12, 24, or 48V outputs to simplify system integration, backed by extensive control and monitoring features to satisfy a wide variety of dc supply requirements.

For distributed power applications, the 12V model can be used to directly power boards fitted with multiple non-isolated point-of-load (POL) dc-dc converters. The 24 and 48V models are suitable for feeding on-board isolated brick or intermediate bus converters. The 24V model also is handy for powering equipment with electromechanical loads such as relays, pumps, and print-heads.

In addition to the main output channel, each power supply also provides a 12 V output for powering fans. An auxiliary "always-on" 5Vdc output for applications that require standby operation is optional.

All TLP150 series power supplies are lead-free (RoHS 6/6) compliant. The 12 and 24V models are come with full medical approvals for applications such as patient monitoring systems and other portable equipment used in medical wards and surgical operating theatres.

Cutting back on circuit size

A three-phase PWM control IC with integrated drivers for dc-dc converters enables up to 40% circuit size reduction when used with DirectFET MOSFETs. The smaller footprint suits the IR3094MPbF, developed by International Rectifier, for space-constrained applications like DDR memory in rack servers and POL modules used in high-density data systems.

A typical 80A, three-phase synchronous buck solution would require as many as 13 devices, including one control and three drivers in addition to three MOSFETs per phase.

A chipset made with the IR3094 plus IRF6637 and IRF6678 DirectFET MOSFETs reduces the silicon component count to seven devices for the same output current. Three pairs of these DirectFET MOSFETs can be placed directly next to the IR3094, creating a solution that minimises pc-board trace parasitics and promotes good switching performance.

The IC, designed for applications requiring a 0.85V to 5.1V output, is housed in a 7mm x 7mm MLPQ package. It has 3A gate drive capability, a 1% accurate reference voltage, adaptive voltage positioning, and programmable switching frequency up to 540kHz. System protection is provided via programmable soft-start, hiccup overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, and a "power good" indicator.

FPGA comes in BGA package

Portable applications such as smart phones, personal media players, and industrial handheld products now can take advantage of the ultra-low-power QL8150 FPGA. What makes the QuickLogic Europe’s device attractive to portables is that it comes in a ball-grid-array package measuring 8x8 mm. The thin fine-pitch (0.5 mm) BGA package contains 196 balls in an 8x8 mm footprint.

Due to the tight inter component spacing and absence of active cooling mechanisms favoured by many portable product developers, some users require semiconductor components to support the industrial temperature range. To support such rugged operating conditions, the 8x8 mm BGA variant of the QL8150 FPGA operates over the full industrial temperature range of -40 to +100\[DEGREE\]C. Another benefit of the package is that it’s lead-free.

Battery charge controller adds SMBus

Texas Instruments launched its first integrated battery charge controller with a System Management Bus (SMBus) interface. It’s aimed at multi-cell, multi-chemistry battery packs used in portable applications.

TI's bq24721 charge management device interfaces to a system's host controller through an SMBus communications interface. The charger offers 0.4% accuracy on charge voltage regulation and 2% accuracy on current amplifier outputs.

Using a synchronous NMOS-NMOS rectifier, the device can achieve power efficiencies up to 94%, according to the company. The bq24721 integrates several high-performance features, including the system power selector function, which automatically selects the ac adapter or the battery to properly manage the system load.

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