Electronic Design

Dual Analog Front End Designed For High-Speed Communications

The AFE2126 is a dual analog front end (AFE) optimized for HDSL applications. It provides the entire analog circuitry, including drivers, required to connect two HDSL DSP chips to line transformers. By integrating two complete HDSL analog interfaces on a single chip, it also reduces system complexity, lowers handling cost, and increases reliability when compared to two-chip solutions. Its low out-of-band power spectral density (PSD) meets the American National Standards Institute's new proposed PSD standards, as well as the European Telecommunications Standards Institute's requirements. Each half of the dual AFE2126 consists of a transmit and receive section. The transmit section generates and filters analog signals to create 2B1Q symbols. The receive section filters and digitizes the symbol data received on the telephone line. An on-board differential line driver provides the telephone line with a 13.5-dBm signal. A scalable data rate (64- to 1168-kbit/s operation), serial digital interface, 280-mW power dissipation per channel, and single 5-V supply operation all are included. Housed in a 48-pin SSOP package, the AFE2126 costs $18 each in 1000-piece quantities.

Burr-Brown Corp., 6730 S. Tucson Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85706; (520) 746-1111; fax (520) 746-7401; www.burr-brown.com.

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