Wireless Systems Design

Easily Prototype Large Antennas And Backplanes

Printed-circuit-board (PCB) designs have become as complex as their ASIC and ASSP counterparts. This is especially true in wireless systems—mainly because of the analog and radio-frequency elements. In an effort to simplify matters, T-Tech has introduced a system that will help designers prototype circuit boards for large antenna and backplane circuits. The QC9000 has been specifically designed for applications that require a large work area. It includes several new features, such as a work area of 480 × 480 mm (19 × 19 in.). The system claims to be well suited for the prototyping of larger-size, RF-antenna printed-circuit-board designs. It also boasts a pneumatically activated, speed-controlled Z-Axis. In addition, an enhanced Poly Depth Sensor foot takes care of the finer milling of a variety of materials, such as RT/Duroid, TMM, and Ultralam.

The Quick Circuit 9000 adds to the company's line of circuit-board prototyping systems. These systems drill, mill, and route in-house, same-day circuit-board prototypes directly from any CAD/CAM data. With these chemical-free rapid-prototyping systems, engineers and designers gain the convenience of rapid prototyping while ensuring the confidentiality of new designs.

T-Tech's circuit-board fabrication technologies, such as Quick Plate and Quick Press, allow for in-house, through-hole connectivity and multi-layer fabrication. An offering of surface-mount-technology (SMT) assembly equipment complements T-Tech's rapid prototyping and fabrication offerings.

510 Guthridge Ct. NW, Atlanta, GA 30092; (770) 455-0676, FAX: (770) 455-0970, www.t-tech.com.

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