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Electronic Design Update: April 9, 2008

Electronic Design UPDATE e-Newsletter |   April 9, 2008
Low Profile Transformer for MIL-STD-1553

Beta Transformer is introducing a new ultra low profile 0.130" maximum height, dual transformer. The DSS-2000 Series has a side-by-side configuration and is available in ratios compatible with 3.3, 5.0, 12, and 15 Volt transceivers. The 0.130” height makes it particularly attractive for today's smaller MIL-STD-1553 board topologies.

The DSS-2000 Series uses a robust header-style design which meets all the requirements of the MIL-PRF-21038 specification. It operates over the full military temperature range of -55°C to +130°C.

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industry view |
Prompt Standardization Of Advanced Features Opens Doors To New Markets For PCI Express
By Larry Chisvin
Chief Operation Officer, PLX Technology

After effectively superseding the PCI bus, PCI Express interconnect technology is now entrenched in its early high-growth markets: PCs, workstations, servers, and storage systems. It has started to penetrate other markets as well, and it is on track to become more popular than any previous interconnect standard.

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Our editors have been busy! Come read their commentaries and check out exclusive videos from CTIA, Mobile World Congress, APEC, and Embedded World exhibitions and see the technology of tomorrow from major players in the electronics industry.

editor's note |
Living Through Cell Phones
By Louis Frenzel, Communications/Test Editor

In case you haven't noticed, we live in a cell-phone-centric world. Steve Largent, president and CEO of CTIA said at one of the keynotes during the recent conference, "We are living through our cell phones." At first I was skeptical of such a statement, but thinking about it, he's right.

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focus on components |
ZigBee Radio Module Enlists Powerful Transceiver

Expanding the company's family of ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4 radio modules, the latest Matrix module employs the Texas Instruments' CC2430 transceiver platform to provide an integrated, drop-in ZigBee radio system. Tailored for low-power networks, the module suits home and building automation, industrial control, security, and remote sensor applications.

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EiED online |

Technology Editor Bill Wong gives some highlights of things to come at the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC).

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ESC Silicon Valley: Learn Today, Design Tomorrow
ESC Silicon Valley is where the global design engineering community gathers to learn, collaborate and celebrate innovation. ESC is celebrating 20 years of educating the creators of technology at the San Jose Convention Center from April 14 - 17 with over 350 exhibiting companies and over 200 new courses to this year's conference. Register today! Use Code: UX2-D

Engineering TV |
The Disappearing Polymer

Polypropylene carbonate (PPC), is a polycarbonate plastic material, a copolymer of carbon dioxide and propylene oxide. In the ceramics industry, polypropylene carbonate and polyethylene carbonate are used as sacrificial binders, especially alumina and silicon carbide; the polymers evaporate during sintering as they decompose completely above 300°C.

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news from the editors |
IEEE Announces A New Wireless Engineering Certification

The topic of licensing and certification comes up every now and then in engineering. There are always two camps that emerge in these discussions—those who say "who needs it?" and a support group that thinks it is good and necessary.

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Clock Generation And Synchronization Hold The Key To Advanced High-Speed Telecom Performance

Maxim Integrated Products' DS3102 clock timing IC monitors and generates clocks for Sonet/SDH, synchronous Ethernet (Sync-E), PDH, and wireless systems. It's designed for full carrier-class Stratum 3 clock synchronization for G.8262-compliant synchronous Ethernet equipment.

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Oki Demonstrates All-Optical 160-Gbit/s, Long-Distance Data Transmission

Oki Electric Industry Co. Ltd. said it has achieved all optically regenerated transmission, which enables unlimited transmission of 160-Gbit/s optical signals with a single wavelength. To do so, OKI developed an all-optical 3R Regenerator, which uses a specialized optical-repeater technology with functions for reamplification, reshaping to remove optical signal wave distortion, and retiming to avoid timing-jitter accumulation.

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Wireless Management Unit Slashes Energy Bill

A ZigBee-based energy-management system, called Link2Web, has been successfully deployed at an industrial facility in Sweden, reducing the facility's energy costs by 37% over the course of one year. The announcement was made by MeshNetics, a provider of ZigBee modules and embedded software, and BFM AB, an energy-management company, at the Light and Building exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Free Whitepaper from Datalight
Whether you're considering a move to embedded Linux, or you're fully immersed in embedded Linux development, there are steps you can take to ensure a successful project and avoid some of the common pitfalls of working with flash in this environment. Download this free whitepaper to learn more about ways to make your embedded Linux projects successful.
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quick poll |
Last month, Fujitsu announced a 2.5-in. hard-disk drive with speeds up to 7200 rpm and a 320-Gbyte capacity, using just 2.3 W. What does this indicate about the role of HDDs in the future?

  • The HDD is here to stay.
  • Competition with flash will balance both technologies.
  • Flash's dominance is inevitable.
  • Eventually, both technologies will be replaced by more exotic storage.

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product picks online |
Flash Driver Fires One Or Two LEDs

48-Bit Digital Input Board Handles 1 Ksamples/s Sustained

DC-DC Converter Quashes Noise

Distribution Amps Handle Several Sources

LGA Sockets Support 0.65-mm Pitch

engineer's resource |
Webinar: Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey Of Design Options
Presented by Winland Electronics
April 30 @ 2pm ET

Developing a wireless sensor network can be an awesome challenge or a simple matter of picking the right module, depending on who you ask. Off-the-shelf solutions have certain advantages, but may not be the best overall solution to your problem. Home grown or custom solutions can be designed to overcome specific challenges, so they can be critical for certain projects. Learn more about the technical pros & cons of both options in this live course.

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upcoming industry events |
International Symposium On Physical Design
Portland, Ore.
April 13-16

Embedded Systems Conference
San Jose, Calif.
April 14-18

Next Generation Networks & Basestations
Bath, England
April 22-25

ED bookstore |
Industrial Networking Texts: Two Selections

Read up on Communications/Test Editor Louis Frenzel's reviews and recommendations on two reference guides from the industiral networking industry. Industrial Ethernet, 2nd Ed., by P.S. Marshall and J.S. Rinaldi introduces how Ethernet carries the TCP/IP protocol suite, and there is also coverage on Ethernet hardware. The second book, Industrial Data Communications, 4th Ed., by L.M. Thompson, covers a rainbow of topics within the serial-data communications field.

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