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Embedded Modules Aim At Latest Communications-Ready Devices

Two new embedded communications modules are designed for use in new-generation communications-ready devices. The ModemModule MT5634SMI is a full-featured V.90 modem for 56-kbit/s PCM communications, while the MT3334SMI is the V.34 model for 33.6-kbit/s communications.

Based on the Lucent 1673 and 1670 chip sets, these complete fax/modem solutions include the controller, data pump, and data access arrangement (DAA). The V.90 model downloads at V.90/K56flex speeds from a digital K56flex or V.90 server and uploads at 33.6 kbits/s (enhanced V.34). With non-V.90 modems, it negotiates an enhanced V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, or slower speed connection. For fax, it supports V.17 or Group 3 faxing via Class 1 or 2 commands.

The ModemModule easily integrates into existing socket-equipped products. It uses a 20-pin interface to provide an onboard DAA with tip and ring connections for a dial-up POTS interface; an audio circuit for call-progress monitoring; LED driver circuits for carrier direct, transmit data, receive data, and DTR signals; a speaker interface for user-supplied call-monitoring tone speakers; and a direct UART interface via serial TTL signals for DTE transfer speed to 230.4 kbits/s.

Weighing only 0.6 oz, it measures 1.045 by 2.541 by 0.690 in. while consuming 260 mA, with a 420-mA maximum. The modem modules are available in OEM packs of 25, 50, or more. Contact the company for pricing.

MultiTech Systems Inc., 2205 Woodale Dr., Mounds View, MN 55112; (800) 328-9717; fax (612) 785-9874; www.multitech.com.

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