Electronic Design

Enhanced-Performance SCSI Cables Based On 0.8-mm Standard

A new line of high-performance Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI) cables based on the 0.8-mm contact-pitch standard allow up to four wide (16-bit) SCSI cables to plug into the back of a single PCI card. These cable assemblies utilize a patented direct-attach method of connecting the cable to the connector. This direct-attach technology also enables "Y" cables to be fabricated and facilitates the inclusion of internal termination circuitry when requested, without requiring additional internal connectors. Meanwhile, the cable's conductors can be attached to the pc board inside the connector. By doing so, reliability is improved since the typical intermediate cable-to-circuit board connector isn't needed. The cable's die-cast zinc housing, with a mechanical connection to the cable, further contributes to the cable assembly's robustness. Contact the company for pricing information.

Methode Electronics Inc., dataMate products, 7447 W. Wilson Ave., Chicago, IL 60706; (708) 867-9600; fax (708) 867-3149; www.methode.com.

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