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Ethernet Board Interfaces MIL-Std-1553 To PC/104

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Designed for the systems engineer trying to interface between MIL-Std-1553 avionics data busses and the PC/104 bus platform, the PC/104 1553/Ethernet interface board provides a 1553 bus and NE2000 Plus compatible 10 Mbit Ethernet to any standard PC/104 computer system. Ethernet capability supports 10Base-T and 10Base-2 or AUI connections. The 1553/Ethernet card uses United Technology's SuMMIT 1553 support chip. Four 16-bit register locations within the SuMMIT and the pseudo dual ported memory (PDPM) give complete access to interface functions through PC 104 I/O space. Test routines supplied with the Ethernet board can be used to access memory and internal registers. The board can be used in an eight-bit or 16-bit card stack with +5V power supplied via the stack-through headers or externally by a regulated source—+12 Vdc can be selectively applied to the Ethernet AUI port. In addition, the PC/104 processor can be used to access the 1553 bus to configure it for remote-terminal (RT), bus-control (BC), or monitor (MT) modes.

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