Extending input voltage to 14V, cutting costs by 40%

The ADP1864 is Analog Devices’ first constant frequency, current-mode, step-down DC/DC controller in TSOT (thin-small-outline-transistor package). The company says it offers 40% cost reduction over competing ICs without sacrificing performance.

The device’s 14V input range provides greater design flexibility, suitable for low-cost 12V power-supply wall bricks or systems requiring more than 10V input voltages. Analog Devices says its in-package trim techniques mean that the on-board reference accuracy is three times better than the closest competing devices, reducing the overall system regulation error budget to 5% over temperature and that the load line regulation of 1mV/A is twice that of competing devices.

The ADP1864’s other features include internal soft-start, short-circuit protection, output over-voltage protection, input under-voltage protection and programmable current limit. Current-mode control provides fast and stable load transient performance, while the 580kHz operating frequency reduces the size of the on-board inductor required, freeing board space.

The ADP1864 works is apparently particularly well for point-of-load systems that supply digital signal, embedded floating-point and I/Os processors, such as those offered by the company.

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