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Four-Axis Motion Control Card Manages Stepper Motors And Servomotors

The PPCI7443 advanced four-axis motion-control card permits control of stepper motors or servomotors. This PCI-bus controller incorporates a PCL6045 control chip as part of its compact design. It offers a 32-bit PCI-bus plug-and-play capability, a maximum output frequency of 6.55 Mpps, trapezoidal and S-curve motion profile capability, and the ability to change speed and position on-the-fly. Any combination of two of the four axes can be used for circular interpolation, or two, three, or four of the axes can be used in linear interpolation. The PPCI7443 additionally provides 13 home return modes, a 28-bit up/down counter for incremental encoder feedback, and simultaneous start/stop motion on multiple axes. Also available is user-friendly software that incorporates an MS-DOS C/C++ programming library, a Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 DLL, and a test monitor. The software permits easy setup and supports up to a maximum of 12 PPCI7443 cards, allowing operation of up to 48 axes. Single-unit pricing is $650, which includes the software. A 100-pin cable and a junction board are available as well.

Nippon Pulse Motor
www.pulsemotor-usa.com; (540) 633-1677

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