FTDI Unveils Vinculo Development Platform

FTDI Unveils Vinculo Development Platform

USB silicon and software specialist Future Devices Technology International (FTDI) has announced Vinculo, an embedded development that allows designers to integrate USB 2.0 interfacing by incorporating FTDI’s Vinculum II VNC2-64 dual-channel USB host/slave controller with the capability of interfacing to the growing range of I/O application boards (shields) developed by the Arduino open-source community.

The VNC2 combines a 16-bit/48-MHz CPU core, 256 kbytes of flash memory, and 16 kbytes of SRAM memory. It also supports external UART, first-in first-out (FIFO), pulse-width modulation (PWM), general-purpose I/O (GPIO), and serial peripheral interface (SPI) slave/master interfaces.

As a further enhancement, the Vinculo module integrates an eight-channel, 10-bit analogue-to-digital converter (ADC). Vinculo also supports 38 GPIO connections and USB A and mini B (host and device) connectors on a board measuring just 55.38 by 68.58 mm.

Future Devices Technology International

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