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Graphics Adapter Has Hard-Disk-Drive Option

An AdvancedMC (AMC) dual display video/graphics adaptor, the AM 400/x01, is a lowpower embedded graphics module that supports a variety of digital flat panel (dfp), CRT or SVideo devices in single or dual display configurations. An onboard 2.5in SATA hard disk drive (HDD) can be added-all within a single-width full-size AMC slot. And a mid-size front panel option is available without the S-Video interface.

Launched by Concurrent Technologies, the graphic controller's features include a 3D rendering suite, hardware support for MPEG/DVD playback, a 2D drawing engine that supports bit block transfers, transparent block transfers, colour expansion and line draw.

Depending on the operating system, the adaptor can support a range of single or dual display resolutions and refresh rates for standard and wide-screen formats. The dfp and CRT outputs are sourced via a DVI-I connector and the S-Video output is sourced via an industry standard S-Video connector.

The adaptor uses the Silicon Motion SM722 3D/2D dual display controller. An optional onboard 2.5in Serial ATA HDD connects directly to the AMC.3 Type S2 (port 2) connection in the AM 400/x01's common options region. This interface supports transfer rates up to 150MB/s.

Applications include telecommunications, defence, aerospace and medical markets. A variant operating at –25°C to +70°C is also available for harsher environments.

The AM 400/x01 is designed in compliance to AMC.0 (including full hot swap and IPMI capabilities) and can operate with an appropriate single board computer AMC module like Concurrent Technologies' PR AMC/33x processor module.

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