HFSS v10 enables sharing of CAD/CAE products

The new release, v10, of Ansoft's high-frequency/high-speed (HFSS) electromagnetic design provides design-flow efficiency so that users can share CAD models and results across existing CAD/CAE products. HFSS v10 also offers dynamic-link technology, which allows HFSS to co-simulate with other Ansoft products and extends HFSS applications to include RF/analogue IC co-design, EMI/EMC and microwave heating.

Being able to reuse third-party CAD models and EDA layouts saves engineering time and allows designers to focus on optimising performance. HFSS v10 includes new model healing, meshing technology and model-resolution techniques that simplify the model translation and meshing process. These features help users maximise virtual prototyping design flow by leveraging their investments across existing software products.

HFSS v10 extends Ansoft's dynamic-link technology from Ansoft Designer to include dynamic links to Nexxim, SIwave, Maxwell and ePhysics for a broader range of end-user applications, including RF/analogue IC, EMI/EMC, chip-package-board co-design and microwave heating.

New features include: optical incident wave sources; analysis prioritisation; queuing and distributed network processing; user-constructed convergence criteria; and support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Windows XP Professional x64.

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