IC halves PCF control board space

International Rectifier has launched the IRAC1150-D2 Power Factor Correction (PFC) control design kit and added a PFC design tool to the myPOWER online design centre. The design kit has the IR1150 µPFC for AC/DC PFC and is a 710sq mm (1.1sq in), fully-assembled PFC control circuit that engineers can drop in to an existing power supply to replace the continuous conduction mode (CCM) PFC circuit.

The company says that the device’s one cycle control (OCC) approach means that the device delivers the performance of continuous conduction mode (CCM) PFC with the simplicity, reliability and low component count of a discontinuous current mode (DCM) circuit for PFC applications.

Designing with the IR1150 is simplified with the aid of a two-step process online design tool: users enter system requirements and the design tool generates a bill of materials.

The reference design kit comes with an assembled and tested reference design board, five IR1150STR ICs, two 8ETX06 Hyperfast rectifiers, user’s guide, application notes, device data sheets and PCB files (Gerber, .dxf and .cad).

The IR1150 µPFC control IC, offered in a SO-8-package with a lead-free option, cuts PFC control board space as much as half can be used in computing, consumer electronics and home appliances from 75W to 4kW.

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