Industrial servers have shallow installation depth

Kontron Embedded Computers’ 19in, 4U industrial server family, Kontron Industrial Silent Server, is now available in a Short (KISS-Short) version, with an installation depth of 12inch (300mm). KISS-Short leaves about one third of the space in a 19in switching cabinet free for cable ducts and dock-ons behind the server, according to Kontron.

Producing less than 35dBA, the KISS family is suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments. The servers offer from three to 11 PCI expansion slots for I/O assemblies and up to six hard drive connections, three of them RAID with SATA.

The systems, which will be available for at least five years, have Intel Pentium M processors from 1.3GHz (Celeron) to 1.8GHz. Applications include as servers in the harsh environmental conditions of the processing industry, off-shore, mining and railways, as well as test & measurement, image processing and medical technology.

The KISS-Short offers eight USB 2.0 slots (two accessible from the front), one Gigabit Ethernet port, PS/2 for keyboard and mouse, plus one serial and one parallel port and audio as standard. There are three 5.25in and two 3.5in bays, plus one Slimbay slot, all of which are shock-resistant and accessible from the front. Another 3.5in bay is available inside. The housing for the KISS system comes in tower, desktop and 19 inch rack mount versions.

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