Integrated solution covers entire development process

RadiSys has announced four new commercial products. Three are additions to its Procelerant Endura family of long life motherboards, including what is claimed to be the first to support the new microBTX form factor.

The Procelerant Endura motherboards (EM945G, RB945G and OP945G) support the latest Intel 945G chipset and the ATX, microATX and microBTX formats. MicroBTX offers several advantages to designers including better thermal properties with inline airflow, reduced noise, fewer system fans, less expensive heatsinks and improved motherboard layout for easier design. The Procelerant Endura motherboards are suited to use in medical, test & measurement, transaction terminal, industrial automation, gaming and enterprise systems.

The fourth new product is the RadiSys RMS420 is a long life embedded server designed for applications such as appliance servers, medical systems, and industrial control. One version of the RMS420 server adheres to UL864 requirements, designed for round the clock operation in fire and safety applications.

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