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Electronic Design

Interconnect Technology Encompasses Broad Range Of Applications

With expanded tooling options and comprehensive design-support capabilities, the Direct to Board Interconnect Technology (DBIT) can address application-specific requirements for assembling a wide range of products throughout the communications, automotive, and electronics industries. DBIT splicing can be used to attach a wide variety of leads directly to tabs designed as access points along the edge of the board or, in some cases, embedded as slots within the board's circuitry.

Using semi-automated techniques, DBIT splicing can quickly and reliably attach wires, ribbon cables, or flexible circuits directly to the pc board without the use of solder. According to its maker, DBIT splicing can deliver throughput as high as 500% faster than conventional hand-soldering processes while providing excellent pull-strength. It can be used across an ever-expanding set of application requirements, including low-profile crimping on pc-board thicknesses of 0.31 in. or less.

Pricing varies according to the quantity ordered. For example, the DBIT splicing technology costs about $4 to $6 for one million to five million splices/year.

Autosplice Inc.; (858) 535-0077

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