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KIRA 100 combines KVM-over-IP with control

Peppercon, Raritan’s OEM division, has announced the KIRA 100. The company claims this is the industry’s first, single chip solution for platform control and remote server access to combine KVM-over-IP technology with all the key platform manageability access methods.

Apparently, the multi-standard KIRA100 chip minimises server downtime and increases IT productivity by enabling operating system installation, BIOS upgrade and power cycling on a server to be done remotely. In addition, the ASIC-based chip helps server partners and server OEMs save board space and reduce system costs.

The KIRA100 supports all standardised access protocol methods, including Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI), Secure Shell (SSH), Web Services Based Management Protocol (WS-Management) and Systems Management Architecture for Server Hardware-Command Line Protocol (SMASH-CLP).

In addition to its KVM-over-IP redirection, Peppercon’s KIRA100 provides virtual media support that covers a range of mass storage emulation variations, such as virtual-floppy emulation, CD/DVD-drive emulation and even direct, mass storage redirection. It also offers features to prevent downtime, such as health management consisting of IPMI2.0-based server hardware monitoring.

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