LED Driver Integrates Brightness Control, PWM Grey Scaling And Protection

Düsseldorf, Germany: Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has developed a 16-channel LED driver that combines brightness control with a built-in PWM grey scale capability. The TB62721 is suitable for traffic signs, information boards and other large panel displays requiring the accurate and reliable control of multiple colour LEDs, says Toshiba.

The driver can deliver output voltages of up to 38V and provide constant currents of between 2mA and 80mA per channel using just a single resistor. All of the functionality needed to deliver 256-step output brightness control is integrated into the device, while the on-board PWM capability provides 65536-step grey scale control per channel.

Both the output-to-output accuracy and IC-to-IC accuracy of the TB62721 is 1.5%. This allows large displays based on multiple LED chains and drivers to maintain consistent brightness levels within very tight tolerances.

Designed for secure, reliable operation, the TB62721 features on-board protection including thermal shutdown, output open and short-circuit protection, and Power-on-Reset. The TB62721 is supplied in a SSOP24 package and can operate with input voltages ranging from 3.3V to 5.0V. Interfaces are fully BiCMOS-compatible and the device can handle serial input data rates to 30MHz.

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