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Logical choice

Use of logic ICs in consumer, communication, industrial, and other applications is perpetually on the rise, with many designs typically using separate logic ICs to deliver the various logic functions. At electronica, Toshiba presented a configurable IC solution that enables parallel implementation of three different logic functions in a single package.

By offering multiple, configurable logic functions from a single, miniature device, the new family of high-performance multifunction gate logic ICs can help designers to minimise component count, and save board space. Toshiba's TC7MP97 and TC7MP98 ICs incorporate three logic circuits that allow the selection of seven different basic gate functions from one device. Depending on the device, designers can configure multiplexers, Schmitt inverters, Schmitt buffers, AND, OR, NAND, and NOR logic, as well as combinations of these functions. Device configuration is determined through selection of the appropriate three-pin input.

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