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Low-side IPS qualified to Q100 for automotive use

International Rectifier (IR) has introduced the IPS10xx family of low-side intelligent power switches (IPS). The devices are designed for use in harsh automotive environments and qualified to Q100.

The IPS line includes the IPS1011R, a 13mOhm device in a D-Pak that enables circuit designers to pack more current-handling capability into existing board layouts, according to IR. In addition, the IPS devices include protection and a logic-level input and diagnostic information pin to monitor or detect faults during operation. Signals from this pin can be fed back to a microcontroller to trigger a specific sequence or restart strategy following a fault condition.

The IPS family has the standard protection features found in protected switches—over-current, over-temperature, ESD protection and active clamp. These protect the electronic control unit (ECU) and the application circuit from damage in the event of a short circuit or overload. Although each circuit in a wiring harness could include fuses or circuit breakers for protection, the IPS10x family can simplify designs, reduce weight and increase reliability. IPS products can also be used as replacements for mechanical relays and in some applications, additional fuses or circuit breakers can be eliminated.

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