MCU packs in analogue IP

The latest compact 8-bit CMOS microcontroller from Toshiba combines 16kB of SuperFlash memory with a large number of serial interfaces and new analogue IP blocks for LVD (low voltage detector) and POR (power on reset) functionality. The TMP86FH92, based on the company's low-power, high-performance TLCS870/C core, is suited to automotive and industrial applications, including actuator control, sensor interfacing, and power supervision.

Designed to minimise external component count, the MCU has single-channel UART and singlechannel SEI outputs, an I2C/UART connection, and an 8- pin LED driver output that can deliver a typical 20mA drive current. Twenty-four further I/O ports are available.

On-board peripherals include a 10-bit, six-channel successiveapproximation- type ADC with sample/hold feature, a singlechannel 16-bit timer, dual-channel 8-bit timer, and watchdog timer. Both the 16- and 8-bit timers offer event counters and PWM and PPG output modes. The built-in LVD function can be set with two voltage thresholds, and the POR circuit's detection voltage is 2.4V +/- 0.2V.

The device is based on Toshiba's TLCS-870/C core, which offers 731 basic operations. Low power consumption is achieved by combining low voltage operation (down to 2.7V at 8MHz and 4.5V at 16MHz) with nine separate low-power states. A four-channel, key-on-wakeup facility allows the device to be activated from these states.

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