Electronic Design

MCU Promises to Slash Industrial Application Costs

Essex, England: A new RISC/ DSP microcontroller from CML Microsystems Plc’s subsidiary company Hyperstone will target global industrial sensing and control applications, consumer applications, metering, scanning EPOS, and other cost-sensitive applications.

The E2 high-performance, RoHScompliant, 32bit RISC/DSP microcontroller offers a programmable serial communications engine, ADC unit, and 32kb of on-chip I-RAM, complemented with an external memory and peripheral interface controller.

Other features include a 32bit unified RISC and DSP processor architecture, dynamic frequency scaling, power-down and sleep modes, low power consumption (200mW typical), very high code density, a programmable eightchannel serial communications engine, a 10bit eight-channel multiplexed analog-to-digital converter (sample rate of 182kHz), versatile two-channel direct memory access, and a real-time clock.

Hyperstone offers global technical design support and a development kit for the E2, to ensure ease of migration to the E2 and fast time-to-market. The kit includes a populated board, software-development tools (IDE), C/C++ compiler, linker, assembler, source-level debugger with profiler, runtime kernel, and DSP library.

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