Memory Module Enters the Next Frontier

Packaged in a hermetic multichip module (MCM), the AT68166 16Mbit SRAM will no doubt strap itself into a number of space applications. MCM packaging technology offers the advantages of reducing pc-board real estate and the number of individual components, as well as improving overall electronic effectiveness.

Compared to 4Mbit packages, the MCM reduces pc-board area by 50% and weight by approximately 75%. Of course, both are crucial attributes when it comes to space applications. The module incorporates four 4Mbit AT60142 SRAM dice, which are produced on Atmel’s radiation-hardened, 0.25 m CMOS process.

The AT68166 can be organised as either one bank of 512k x 32, two banks of 512k x 16, or four banks of 512k x 8. It combines rad-hard capabilities— a latchup threshold of 80 and a total dose of 300krad with a fast access time. Also, it operates at 3.3V.

Two versions are available: the AT68166FT with 5V-tolerance inputs and the AT68166F for 3V operation. Access times are 25ns and 20ns, respectively, over the full military temperature range. Another feature is low power consumption: 540 mW per byte at 25 ns and 620 mW per byte at 20 ns.

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