Mini POLs bring new meaning to design flexibility

Ericsson Power Modules' two new POLA devices rank amongst the smallest switching POL regulators available. The PMD series regulators offer a "quick" solution for low-current applications. Using highly integrated functionality in a single-chip control IC less than 2.4cm2 (0.37in. square), the PMD brings flexibility to complex board designs.

The PMD4000 is a 3A POL regulator providing an output range of 0.9 to 3.6V at 10.8W for 3.0-5.5Vin applications, and the 2.25A-rated PMD5000 offers 0.9 to 5.5V at 12W for 4.5-14Vin applications. An advanced feature of the PMD, dubbed AutoTrack, tracks an external voltage ramp to achieve simultaneous startup/shutdown. The modules come in either surface-mount or through-hole formats.

The low current sector for POLs is often challenged by discrete solutions that require resources to design and maintain such a solution—with all of the associated costs. In addition, due to its highly integrated functionality, PMD requires less board space as a discrete solution. This, combined with the limitation to two part numbers covering all possible combinations of input voltages and output voltages, make the product cost efficient throughout the whole chain from board concept to final application.

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