Module Circuitry Saves Board Space

Stockholm, Sweden: Ericsson Power Modules has developed the PKM2810EPI, a 3.3-V/25-A output module delivering up to 82.5 W. Designed to address the midpower 24-V market segment, the PKM2810EPI is the first in the second generation of PKM2000EPI modules.

By optimizing its circuitry and using special topology arrangements, the PKM2810EPI’s building practice has been simplified, making it possible to mount all the components on one side of the board, keeping the back side clean of components to simplify baseplate attachment or connection to coldwall cooling. A further benefit of the optimized PKM-E platform is the product’s weight, 25 g, reducing energy during transportation and board stress when enclosed in sealed chassis.

The module is principally aimed at telecom systems powered by 24-V batteries and accepts input voltages from 18 to 36 V. However, because 24 V is a common voltage in industrial OEM applications, it suits a range of applications.

See associated photo.


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