Module handles tough telecom tasks

MEN Mikro Elektronik has developed one of the first board designs to use Freescale Semiconductor's next-generation PowerQUICC III integrated communications processor. The EM03A Embedded System Module is the answer to the demands of the telecoms industry for products that will withstand harsh environmental conditions and offer long-term availability, says the company.

The core of the EM03A is the 833MHz version of the PowerQUICC III processor. This device operates at 7.4W (typical) and has an operating temperature range of -40 to +85°C. MEN can also offer the EM03A in an extended temperature range and guarantees the board’s availability for at least ten years.

The new Embedded System Module supports a 32-bit/33MHz or 64-bit/66MHz PCI bus. The wide range of integrated PowerQUICC III functions provides access to Gigabit Ethernet, one Fast Ethernet and two COM interfaces. As is usual in the telecommunications industry, these are not led to front connectors, but are available on the board through an additional J3 ESM connector.

TheEM03A is equipped for memory-intensive tasks, with a SO-DIMM slot for a maximum of 2Gb DDR RAM (133MHz) main memory and currently up to 1Gb NAND Flash program memory.

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