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Next-Gen Analyser Measures to 40GHz

Munich, Germany: Rohde & Schwarz enhanced its R&S FSV signal and spectrum analyser family by expanding its measurement capabilities up to 40GHz. Also, new options for noise-figure and phase-noise measurements help characterise components such as amplifiers and oscillators. For scalar network analysis, the R&S FSV provides an internal tracking generator up to 7GHz. Microwave generators can be connected to attain frequencies up to 40GHz.

The low inherent noise of –139dBm (1Hz) at 40GHz combined with a +18dBm third-order intercept (TOI) allows measurement of spurious emissions without inherent distortions at high sensitivity, even at high signal levels. The FSV40 measures a 1GHz span at 1kHz resolution bandwidth in 2.5 seconds, compared with the 1000 seconds required by the previous generation. With remote control, it can perform 1000 measurements/s, ensuring high throughput in production. The touchscreen and the on-screen keyboard simplify manual alignments.

The R&S FSV-K30 option is available for noise figure and gain measurements on receiver front ends, amplifier components, and system modules. Adding this option makes an additional noise figure test assembly unnecessary. There’s also the FSV-K40 option, which measures single sideband phase noise on oscillators. This means that a single instrument can determine the key parameters of an oscillator: output power, frequency and frequency stability.

Targeted applications include satellite, radar or military communications systems operating in the 40GHz frequency range.

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