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PCI Frame Grabber Captures And Displays Video

Combining high fidelity, flexible video capture and display on a single PCI board, Corona-II MGA G400 is an all-in-one solution for imaging OEM's and integrators. Designed to capture from standard or variable, analog or digital, monochrome or component RGB frame scan sources, the Corona-II combines these acquisition capabilities with the award-winning G400 graphics controller. The MGA G400 utilizes non-destructive graphics overlay on live video, support for video-in-a-window with arbitrary video scaling and DualHead display technology. Video capture to on-board display or host memory is controlled by the video interface bridge that manages real-time acquisition into a temporary frame buffer while, in parallel, streaming image data over the PCI bus at sustained rates of 130 Mbytes/sec without requiring constant host CPU intervention. The Corona-II is priced at $1,495 OEM.

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