POWIR+ broadens myPOWER Online Design services

International Rectifier expanded its myPOWER online design services with the POWIR+ chip set reference designs and enhanced online design services, which help simplify and accelerate power-management circuit design. The first series of POWIR+ chip sets brings together the IR3637SPbF and IR3637ASPbF application-tuned PWM control ICs and their companion HEXFET MOSFETs for single-phase synchronous buck applications in computing and high-end consumer applications. The IRPP3637-06A, IRPP3637-12A, and IRPP3637-18A reference designs, available in three power levels of 6, 12 and 18A, accelerate the design process while eliminating unnecessary design iterations. In addition to the three reference designs available, users may modify any of the standard designs online at http://powirplus.irf.com to create custom circuits.

IR's POWIR+ reference designs use selected power semiconductors, passive components, and inductors targeted at specific power levels, and placed on an optimised PCB layout, to deliver predictable electrical and thermal performance. These reference designs mirror real-world circuits as closely as possible, generating results for complex issues such as board layout, thermal design, and the optimisation of device interaction.

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