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Real-Time Networking System Improves Speed And Determinism

A new real-time networking system, the SCRAMNet SC78 network, brings the benefits of shared-memory communication to a host of new applications. Models in this series are designed for users who have tried IP-based networks in real-time systems but could not obtain the deterministic performance they needed from general-purpose networking technologies. Its boards provide 3.4-Mbyte/s throughput comparable to standard IP-based networks, but with much lower application-to-application latencies and greater network determinism. Node latencies are measured in nanoseconds, not milliseconds, with greater predictability. Data is communicated within a few microseconds with no data collisions.

The network is based on a replicated shared-memory concept. Each network interface card (NIC) stores its own copy of the network's shared-memory set. When any NIC changes its local copy of shared memory, the network updates all other nodes on the network automatically. SC78-series boards are supplied with intuitive API software, easing network installation and programming. Once the nodes are configured, no additional software is required for operation as a real-time link. And, the NICs' hardware architecture supports a single fiber-optic connection over distances up to 300 m.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Systran Corp., 4126 linden Ave., Dayton, OH 45432-3068; (937) 252-5601; fax (937) 258-2729; Internet:

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