Receiver prompts next-generation of DAB radios

London, England
With an eye toward fostering the next generation of DAB digital radio-based products, Frontier Silicon has crafted a programmable DAB baseband receiver. The Chorus 2 FS1020 offers space, cost and power savings on a typical radio or mobile handheld devices. In fact, its level of integration saves up to 40% on board real estate and 35% on bill-of-materials cost.

The highly integrated chip features 640kbytes of integrated memory, enabling it to run value-added features without requiring external memory. The chip architecture also saves up to 50% on power consumption when compared to other integrated DAB baseband receivers. The significant increase in on-chip processing power allows manufacturers to create new "convergence" products at lower cost than is presently possible.

Chorus 2 will find homes in DAB radios merged with other audio functionality, such as combined DAB/FM/MP3/WMA/AAC digital music players, DAB radios with USB 2.0 OTG connectivity for high-speed file transfer and firmware upgrade, Internet radios, digital music servers and jukeboxes, and multimedia PDAs.

The chip is currently in mass production; expect products to arrive in 2007.

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