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Redundant DC-DC Converter System With 200-W Modules Targets Heavy-Duty Environments

The BAP 236 redundant dc-dc converter system from Absopulse Electronics comprises up to six 200-W dc-dc plug-in modules in a pre-wired 3U by 19- by 13-in. shelf (see the figure). Cooled by natural air convection, it has no fans or other moving parts. According to the company, its large design headroom and low component count ensure the high degree of reliability required for maintenance-free operation in remote locations.

Each module delivers 12, 14, 48, or 125 V dc and accepts an input of 24, 48, or 125 V dc. Also, each module is hot-insertable and has a built-in redundancy diode that allows for parallel and N+1 redundant operation. With the built-in redundancy, a battery also can be connected to the output for backup purposes. Modules with different outputs can be combined in one shelf to create a multiple-output system.

Additionally, the 3U by 14HP by 220-mm modules feature full electronic protection on the input and output as well as output fail alarms summarized into a single Form C alarm on the shelf motherboard. An output voltage “ON” LED indicator, voltage adjustment potentiometer, and test points are located on the front panel of every module.

Pricing for the BAP 236 systems depends on customer configuration requirements.

Absopulse Electronics Ltd.


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