Electronic Design

Relay Lowers Costs While Replacing Older Schemes

According to its manufacturer, the SEL-351S Protection and Breaker Control Relay lowers operating costs and increases automation capabilities by replacing older electromechanical relay schemes, control switches, and metering devices in outdoor breaker-control enclosures. It also provides a sensitive, secure combination of phase, negative-sequence, residual-ground, and neutral-ground overcurrent elements (including directional control), and programmable US and IEC time-current curves for complete distribution system protection. A large front-panel keyboard with local display panel and programmable operator-control interface pushbuttons replaces unnecessary control switches, indicating lamps, and wiring at the breaker-control panel. Power elements, voltage sag, swell, and interruption records are optional. The SEL-351S is available now. Pricing depends on model options and quantity ordered. For further information, contact the manufacturer.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, 2350 N.E. Hopkins Ct., Pullman, WA 99163-5603; (509) 332-1890; fax (509) 332-7990; www.selinc.com.

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