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RF Test Socket Has Built-In Spring-Loaded Heatsink

Designed for use with QFP, LCC, and SO devices, a new RF test socket provides a built-in spring-loaded heatsink to prevent deformation of device leads during testing cycles. Its heatsink is constructed from copper or aluminum, with gold or silver plating. At the same time, the spring-loading provides the heatsink with compliancy so it maintains constant contact with the device's heat pad. The heatsink can be coupled with pogo pins for better electrical contact, or with a thermocouple for direct thermal monitoring of the test package. The entire socket assembly is pressure-mounted to the load board. And, the socket incorporates the company's patented Microstrip Contacts, which have been shown to have less than 1-dB loss at 10 GHz, with no more than 0.01-nH measured self-inductance. Pricing begins at $3801 each for 48 leads or less, depending on heatsink specifications. Pricing for two or more units begins at $2770 each. Delivery is six weeks ARO.

Aries Electronics Inc., P.O. Box 130, Frenchtown, NJ 08825; (908) 996-6841; fax (908) 996-3891; [email protected]; www.arieselec.com.

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