Electronic Design

Robot Platform Enables PC Functionality

Robot designers now have a new tool at their disposal. The Roboteq PC-Bot demonstrator platform includes the company's AX2550 dc motor controller, which simplifies projects by connecting with various motors on mobile robotics applications. It also boasts VIA Technologies EPIA Mini-ITX mainboards for computational functionality and flexible software development options. Measuring 17 by 17 cm, the VIA mainboard interfaces to an 801.11 wireless local-area network card and a USB video camera. Operators can then drive the robot and obtain telemetry data using a laptop computer. Battery-operated, this four-wheel-drive platform measures just 1.5 by 2 feet. With these features, designers can add functionality and intelligence for robotic vehicle, remote medicine, surveillance, military, and exploration applications. For details, see www.roboteq.com.

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