Schottky diodes shrunk to suit mobile applications

International Rectifier has introduced four new Schottky diodes that it says are smaller and more efficient than industry-standard Schottky devices. Offered in space-saving chip-scale packages (CSP), these new 0.5A and 1.0A devices are suited to handheld equipment like mobile phones, MP3 players, PDAs and miniature hard disk drives. Applications include current steering, ORing, boost and freewheeling circuits.

The 30V IR0530CSP and 40V IR05H40CSP are 0.5A devices housed in a compact three-bump, CSP that occupies 1.1mm2 of board space with a profile of less than 0.6mm. Compared to industry-standard SOD-123-packaged Schottky diodes, IR reckons its 0.5A FlipKY devices occupy 80% less board space and operate up to 40% cooler.

The 30V IR130CSP and 40V IR1H40CSP are 1A BGA devices, occupy 2.3mm2 of board space, or about one third of the area consumed by a JEDEC DO-216AA package, but apparently deliver similar electrical and thermal performance.

All the devices are available in lead-free and tape and reel versions. CSP eliminates the lead frame, epoxy and mould compound often used in packages and all electrical connections are on one side of the silicon, minimising space, profile and parasitic inductance. The latter reduces voltage spikes and switching noise, resulting in electrical efficiency and less EMI.

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