Single-chip Video Switch is a Space and Power Miser

The FMS6502, an 8-input, 6-output video switch, is claimed to offer more functionality than comparable crosspoint video switch matrices. Developed by Fairchild Semiconductor, the switch integrates analogue-switch capability, input clamps, bias circuitry, and cable drivers all into a single device.

The company also says the FMS6502 reduces part count while simplifying designs, due to the fact it consumes approximately half the board space of discrete solutions. The switch matrix accommodates standarddefinition, enhanced-definition and 1080i/1080p high-definition video signals. It offers selectable 0 and 6dB integrated cable drivers capable of driving dual video loads.

The FMS6502 further optimises system power by turning off unused outputs. Its inputs offer a sync-tip clamp or bias option that allows the device to handle video signals with or without sync. The sync-tip clamp option sets the output sync tip level to 300mV (video with sync), and the bias option internally biases the inputs to centre signals without sync (Y, Pb, Pr) to 1.25V.

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