Smart Battery And Power Management On Single Chip

Texas Instruments designed a high-performance power-conversion IC with smart charging capability that has all essential power transistors on a single device.

Occupying up to 70% less board space versus discrete solutions, the chip delivers high dc-dc conversion efficiency and battery management to one-cell, lithium-ion (Li-Ion) powered communication and multimedia devices with multiple voltages, such as smart phones, portable audio and media players, satellite radio, and GPS systems.

The TPS65800 power-management unit integrates several power-control building blocks, including two synchronous step-down dc-dc converters with integrated FETs, one boost dc-dc converter for a white LED display backlight, an RGB LED driver, seven linear regulators (LDOs), a high-performance analogue-to-digital data converter, SIM card and RTC power supplies, and an I2C communications interface that allows full programmability of the TPS65800.

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